In February thru April 2023, Ohai Tonga is delighted to offer the My Climate Change Story Master Class workshop to build capacity for youth in Fiji, Tonga, Tuvalu, Kiribati, and Nauru.

The My Climate Change Story Master Class class is teaching participants how to create their own video and photographs to show how climate change is impacting their community. Through an engaging series of classes taught by professional photographers/videographers, artists, and international climate change experts, participants are learning skills to create a compelling My Climate Change Story video. Participants should have access to a smartphone that can record video or photos. The videos and photos created by participants may be shown in local and international forums.

We recorded the Introductory Session for those of you who were not able to attend. Kindly watch the Opening Session below. Also posted on this page is Activity # 1, which will help you design your video. Thank you. 

About Your Instructors

Dr. David Sattler: Award-winning photographer and university professor, international climate change researcher with expertise in Pacific island nations, Climate Reality Project Leader. Photography website

Rhys Logan: Award-winning photographer/videographer with more than a decade of experience working at a university and news media, including projects in Tonga and Mongolia documenting climate change. Photography website

Uili Lousi: Internationally renowned Tongan artist and climate change activist with extensive international experience addressing climate change in Pacific Island countries, Climate Reality Project Leader.

Debra Allan: Extensive expertise in food security issues and climate change in Tonga, international aid and program development, climate change mitigation in the Pacific, Climate Reality Project Leader

Video Tutorials: My Climate Change Story Master Class

Activity #1. Click here to download Activity #1.

Creating Your Story: Types of Shots
by Rhys Logan

Audio: Recording Quality Narration and Sounds
by Rhys Logan

Recording of Introductory Session on Zoom: My Climate Change Story Master Class

Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of the My Climate Change Story Master Class.

Photos of the My Climate Change Story Master Class in Tuvalu and Fiji. March, 2023

All materials copyright © 2023 by David N. Sattler and Rhys Logan. All rights reserved.

Funding for the My Climate Change Story Master Class provided by the U.S. Embassy, Fiji.